Río Celeste

Río Celeste is one of the most popular rivers in Costa Rica and is well known in the world for its particular natural color, from light blue to turquoise.

It has been recognized as one of the favorite places in Costa Rica by locals and foreigners due to the geological phenomena in the change of its transparent waters.

The water of the river is thermal of volcanic origin, which will allow you to spend a moment in an environment of natural relaxation, while you can apply a little volcanic mud, which will make you feel younger.

All visitors will experience the different geological and geomorphological phenomena looking at the river; There you can also find hot springs located on some banks, exhalation of sulfur gases, sedimentation of minerals, leaching areas and many other interesting attractions surrounded by a lush cloud forest with lots of plant and animal species.

Río Celeste is located in the northwest region of Costa Rica, bounded by the Tenorio Volcano National Park and its name is Río Buena Vista. This is a mountain river that joins the Agria ravine at a popular point called Teñideros. ”

The Tenorio Volcano National Park is a very rainy area, which falls annually between 3,500 mm and 4,500 mm of rain. Therefore, it is normal that you can find rain conditions during the walk at any time of the year. These conditions are the same as those of the Braulio Carrillo National Park.

The river changes color according to weather conditions.

The natural color of this river is between light blue or turquoise.

The color of the Celeste River will gradually change its color light blue to turquoise depending on the weather conditions.

It is normal to find a large amount of mud at different points along the main route of Tenorio Volcano National Park.