La Tirimbina Biological Reserve

Tirimbina is much more than just a tourist destination. Its only reason for being is the conservation of biodiversity.

Unlike other sites, Tirimbina is a non-profit organization. His work model is based on three axes that are related to each other:

-The scientific research that brings knowledge, about our biodiversity.

-Environmental education, which helps us share that knowledge and motivate others to value our resources.

-And ecotourism, which allows us to finance all research and education projects; In addition to sharing the beauty and knowledge of the forest with thousands of visitors.

Under this conservation model, Tirimbina protects 345 hectares of forest, which fall under the category of Private National Wildlife Refuge.

Only a third of the forests of Tirimbina are used for ecotourism and environmental education, keeping most of the reserve intact.

However, the 9 km trails enabled for visitors go through many environments of the forest and river, allowing you to experience the life of the forest up close.

The trails have been distributed in such a way that the visitor can observe different habitats that go from gardens, secondary forest, wetlands, banks of the river, to the very intriguing primary forest.

In its restaurant you will find a great variety of international and traditional Costa Rican dishes, as well as drinks, specializing in organic wines and different types of high quality coffee.

They have suspension bridges, the first one considered as one of the longest in Costa Rica with 262m in length and up to 22 meters in height; which will take you over the Sarapiquí River until you reach the majestic rainforest.

The second bridge with 110 meters in length is located within the primary forest at a height of 35 meters, from which you will have access to one of the least explored parts of the rainforest, El Dosel.