Las Gemelas Waterfall

Las Gemelas Waterfalls are two parallel streams that converge through waterfalls in the place called Las Gemelas.

This is a beautiful corner that tourists visit to spend the day and take a dip in the pools of striking turquoise blue colors that form these two waterfalls.

The first one is known as Quebrada Pilas or also La Gatica and is made up of some slides and two waterfalls with high flow.

The first waterfall is that of the Tepezcuintle, about 25 meters high and with a large pool at its base.

The second waterfall, about 30 meters and that leaves us in the area known as Las Gemelas.

From here we will see therefore the waterfall of the Quebrada Gata, only rappel, of 20 meters, that we find in that descent, with some highlights until we reach it.

The most particular of these descents is the incredible color of its light blue and turquoise waters.

This trip is ideal for photography lovers due to the dispersion of blue, violet and green lights, a visual sight for visitors.

You will have time to enjoy and bathe in these beautiful pools, we will also walk back and enjoy a delicious lunch with typical local food.

The journey is easy to follow and does not present more difficulty than the struggle to maintain balance in the sections with more mud.

In this hikking you can enjoy a wide variety of vegetation and various types of birds to appreciate.