Safari Ponderosa Adventure Park

In a space of 30 hectares, more than 297 exotic animals live and interact with visitors. This safari allows you to see closely, feed and even take selfies, with giraffes, zebras, watusis, wildebeest, dromedaries, ostrich, oryx, nilgos, among others.

During this incredible tour, which is done aboard our beautiful carts and adapted vehicles, one of our guides will give you details of the species, curiosities and much more.

The experience of interacting with exotic animals and enjoying the adventure and nature offered by Liberia, Guanacaste, is only possible at Ponderosa Adventure Park.

This park, which was born 10 years ago as an animal park in controlled freedom, has expanded and in its 70 hectares has 297 animals between exotic and traditional of our country.

Our visitors can also enjoy four more attractions, both water and air and land, that awaken the adventurous spirit:

Aquatic: kayak and waterfall La Perla

Aerial: canopy

Terrestrial: horseback riding.

In the words of its owner, David Patey: “Ponderosa Adventure Park is undoubtedly the greatest adventure you will live, full of unforgettable experiences.”